Revolutionize Your Practice with the Energy-Efficient Disable Dental Unit

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How can an energy-efficient dental unit help my practice?
Answer: An energy-efficient dental unit can help your practice save money on utility bills and reduce its carbon footprint. Energy-efficient units use less electricity than traditional units, which translates into cost savings on your monthly power bill.

What features does the Disablity Dental Unit offer?
Answer: The Disablity Dental Unit is designed to provide ergonomic support for both you and your patients. It has a smooth and quiet hydraulic lift system that allows you to adjust the height of the chair easily. Also, it comes equipped with LED lights for improved visibility during procedures.

Is installation difficult?
Answer: Installation of AnyaMED’s Disability Dental Unit is easy and straightforward when performed by a qualified installer or dealer technician familiar with local building codes and regulations.
AnyaMED offers a comprehensive guidebook that outlines all necessary steps for installation including plumbing connections, electrical wiring requirements as well as safety instructions.
If additional assistance is needed regarding installation processes or technical service specialists are always available through AnyaMED Customer Service.

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